What’s a ‘copystylist’?

I'm here to help others share their story and share authentic content.

Through the years, people would wheel their office chair next to me and whisper requests for me to "quickly wordsmith" something for them.

"Sam please could you cast your eyes over this and give my words a little  'zhuzh'."

These words would be in the form of:

  • A sales email
  • Website 'about me' pages
  • An important Christmas card to loyal clients - "Sam, can we somehow personalise 35,000 messages?"
  • A text to a friend who'd crossed a boundary for the last time
  • An Airbnb listing for a flat that didn't have space to swing a cat What's a word that says "cosy" but not "completely claustrophobic"?
  • I even edited someone's dating profile
    Apparently, it increased their ROI by 78%

Romance isn't dead.

It was only a matter of time before I decided to go full-time into copywriting.

I'm now the founder of 'The Copy Salon'.

A sanctuary to visit when you need your paragraphs trimmed, sentences straightened and phrases plumped.

Think of it as having a word stylist for your business copy.

I'm here for businesses who want to be noticed.

Business owners who want their customers to have all the feels.

Who want their audience falling head over heels.

After all, who doesn't want a business that exudes a little #textappeal

What is a 'copystylist'?

I got 199 teabags, and I’m missing one

I am someone who gets very excited about crafting a story out of the blandest of scenarios (ask me how I found a ‘quirky’ way to apologise to a top tea brand’s customers that there were 199 bags in the box and not 200…)

Working as Head of Marketing and Brand at a start-up led me nicely on to working with top UK businesses and famous brands to ‘zhuzh up’ their creative campaigns and copy.

There was even a top FMCG in the mix, just to make my Mum proud.

Hey, nice genes

For me, tone of voice (TOV) is a sandcastle we must dig up and build right at the beginning of any project.

Your core values, messaging and tone of voice is your businesses DNA - but don't worry if you don't know what yours is yet; a video call, a bit of know-how, plus tea and biscuits is all we need to start carving that out.

Start a kon-ver-sey-shuhn

I work with brands who want to build a genuine connection with their audience.

Together, we craft relatable, down-to-earth content that greets their customers like a friend welcomes you with an extra flat white on a cold Monday morning. (Oak milk please). Everyone has room to experiment with sending some fun and story-filled communications to their customers.

If you’re looking for ‘BUY THIS NOW, SHOUTY, SHOUTY, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’, I am not your person.

I believe content is best served with a side of value, education and humour

...even the most corporate bods enjoy some light relief in their inbox, so let’s not be afraid of comedy and relatability.

Remote control

As a remote freelancer I work from wherever I am in the world, which is usually yo-yoing between South London, North Wales and France, but if you’re based in the UK, then let me know.

I love meeting teams and believe in nothing better than meeting for a good ol’ fashioned cuppa.