Why ‘copystyling’ is like hairstyling for your business

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I've always likened copystyling to hairstyling. You walk in wanting change, expecting to be seen and heard and walk out feeling ready to turn heads. Having your copy styled is very much like having your hair styled. The most important thing of all is to find a stylist that's right for you. So, allow me to present some examples of sussing out a good stylist and why a copystylist is much like a hairstylist for your business.

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More "TA-DA" than "TA-RA".

A great stylist will sit you down and ask you alllllllllllll the questions to make sure they fully understand you and what you want, "So, let me get this straight. You want to go platinum blonde from dark brunette in one sitting?"

A stylist worth their sea salt spray wouldn't DREAM of allowing you to go down a 'root' that doesn't work for you which leaves you with a style that feels more "TA-RA!" than "TA-DA!" It's the same with copystyling.

Sometimes I read business copy that's as formal as fudge and speaks with a level of received pronunciation that would make the cast of The Crown sound like a scouse Cinderella. But when you meet the people behind small businesses, they sound nothing like their words online.

I believe that if you're a small businesses, it's easier to write if you use your own voice.

Part creative-part therapist.

The right stylist will sit down with you and make sure they both listen and understand you (even if that then leads to a chat about your mother's brother's cousin once removed, leaving your sister from another mister at the alter).

They might have the 'talent for tousling' (or, in our case, a 'skill with the quill'), but to bring the right voice to your business, we need what I call 'a copy consultation' to understand your voice and vision together. When you read through the finished product, you should see yourself winking back at you in the reflection of the laptop.

Listening is the most crucial role in a stylist's job and in the words of rock god Steven Tyler "I don't wanna miss a thinnnng"; which is why I record all copy consultations here over at my virtual salon.

Copystyling kudos.

You should feel relaxed in the hands of a well-recommended stylist. After all, they're going to take your business copy in their own hands and treat it from head(line) to foot(er).

Listen out for word of mouth recommendations from business friends and friends of friends that have put their style in the hands of a trustworthy creative.

(You can take a look at our client testimonials here to get a sense of the 'feel-good factor' business owners experience after taking a virtual trip to The Copy Salon.)

So there you go! A copystylist is much like a hairstylist.

When you walk out of The Copy Salon, I promise you'll have a head-turning copy that'll make you and your business feel like a million dollars, strutting through those virtual streets.

🛎️ Because Your Business Is Worth It.

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